Child of the Mist

Reader Comments

I just read both Daughter of Stone and Child of the Mist. I throughly enjoyed both. I know I am having a good time reading when 1) I can't put the book down and 2) I don't want it to end. Please continue this series, I want to see what happens to these cultures and these people. -- Helen B. (Montana)
...A remarkable job of creating an alien culture. Not everyone can do that. --Ardath Mayhar, author of more than 30 titles.
I've been reading [this] book for the past two hours. It's amazing. I just stopped to fix supper, but I'll probably clean up the kitchen and go to bed and read all evening. Thank you. It's interesting and fun to watch the development of this story. -- Elaine L. (Colorado)
CHILD OF THE MIST, by Kae Cheatham, is the second novel in the Gem of the Galaxy set. Cheatham's science fiction novel claims all the accompanying accoutrements of the genre, including space travel, fancy gadgets, characters with telepathic powers, and not least, an exotic alien world populated by a sentient alien species. But this action-adventure romance is more than that...For a fast-moving, romantic adventure, check out CHILD OF THE MIST -- Thomas Stone, author of six SF titles.

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