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The Gem of the Galaxy series continues, with this story taking place 1000 years after the first.

First book: Daughter of the Stone


Juilan Pranss is just a lowly government employee on a space-faring planet. Or is she? After the death of her father, Juilan Pranss lands employment that takes her off planet—for the first time. She immediately begins having strange dreams and thoughts that continue, even after handsome Joddrie Ferstan kidnaps her. Joddrie, a soldier of fortune with grandiose plans, takes her to a planet that is being colonized by her known world, where the Ceitwans—the humans of this distant planet—have lived for more than a millennium. They, along with the indigenous Xirophans, are resisting the invasion.

The alien colonists have no regard for the native people, nor for the planet's many exotic life forms--from parasitic sayzen to gigantic zupho--that are vital to the environmental balance. This balance is maintained by the Holder—a person of extraordinary sensory and mentalist abilities. Genetically-imprinted knowledge is a cultural asset, especially for the Holder. But for thirty years, Ceitwans have had no Holder. Civil war is eminent as each Ceitwan faction insists on a different way to deal with the alien colonists and with the vacant Holder position.

As Ferstan compels Juilan with him to implement his plans, her often-terrifying dreams persist and she fears she has been possessed. Trenner Curembac helps Juilan escape Ferstan. Trenner believes Juilan is the Holder heir. He takes her to a sanctuary and tutors her in genetic recall and psychophysical abilities. He helps her prepare to handle the Evincor—a crystalline anomaly that defies known physics as it yields critical information about the planet.

Juilan must overcome her cultural ignorance and personal fears, and also trek into the planet's most dangerous uncharted region. But can she prevail against her psychotic brother Mylo? Mylo needs her so he can become Holder through a ceremony that could cause Juilan's death.