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Elizabeth Fortune cover

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Second edition KAIOS books
ISBN 978-0971428768, 6" x 9", 281 pages
The first edition of the title is no longer available.

Adult: L, V | Print edition: $15.95
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In 1870, Elizabeth Fortune is more spunky than most young women, but those attributes are often a cover for the despair she feels at being without family. Her white mother died when she was five, and her black-Indian father is in the Southwest with the Ninth Cavalry. When Elizabeth's maternal grandfather disowns her, she leaves Oberlin College and heads West. She feels certain that when she finds her father, her life will stop its rough tumble.

But her trip produces a variety of hardships, beginning when she runs out of money in Ellsworth, Kansas, which results in her maiming the son of dangerous outlaw leader Gabe Tillison. She must rely on all her personal resources as she escapes Tillison's wrath and travels the Santa Fe Trail toward New Mexico. For a young woman in 1870, that's hard enough, but for someone of mixed American Indian, African American, and Anglo American heritage, it's a challenge that few could manage.

Kae's comment

Some people might wonder if Elizabeth Fortune truly existed. No. But as with most fiction, Elizabeth was conceived from reality. Blend the racially-beligerent times of 1870 with Josephine Baker, William Cathay (nee Cathay Williams), and my own great-grandmother, and someone like Elizabeth will emerge.

Don't know who William Cathey is? Check it out

"High adventure as Elizabeth Fortune, a woman with as much integrity as beauty, is disowned by her white grandfather. Doubly disguised as a boy---and white---she hires on as teamster to hunt for her father, a Buffalo Soldier on the frontier.... [This book] leaves us hoping for the further adventures of one of the most intriguing heroines this reader has met in years."

-- Jeanne Williams
winner of four WWA Spur Awards and the Levi Strauss Golden Saddleman.