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22 November: I'll be involved in ONE art show this year. THIS IS HELENA, will be up and running on December 2, 3, 4, at The Heath. One art piece each from local artists. 'Horse Faces' (canvas print floating in wood frame) is my entry. I've been a THIS IS HELENA artist since its inception many years ago. Because of COVID-19 the preview and sale gallery will only be open to 20 people at a time. Will be interesting to see how this goes.

28 October: Snowstorm lasted a day and a half. Very windy--not too good for outdoor photography. Now, 4 days later, all the snow on my trees and most of the snow in my yard has melted. :-(

23 October 2020: Big snowstorm expected through the weekend. I like snow. But I'm sad, because I know a healthy CeeJay would have liked this weather. [sigh] I'm hoping the snow will pile nicely on my pine trees so I can add some holiday ornaments and take interesting pictures.

28 September 2020: I always worried my horse, CeeJay, might outlive me; but he's gone from an illness the vet and I couldn't lick. I had him put down today. My reliable, good horse I'd had for 30 years. I miss him. [tears]

**3 September 2020: I had my old horse checked out by a vet. Vitals are fine, but he has a condition that is bringing him down. Will he make it to his 35th year? I don't think so.

28 August 2020: Here's a write up that I hope will generate more online sales for my visual arts.

**24 August 2020: Smoke from the California fires have smothered my area. There are a few fires in state, as well. The face mask I wear when going to town is for more than COVID-19 protection.

20 August 2020: The Civic Center has decided to have Xmas shows in November. I can't decide whether or not to sign up. Wearing a mask all day, being in a building with people milling about, might not be for me. [UPDATE: the show has been cancelled]

**15 August 2020: I went to my first public outing today--a teepee raising at a local farm. My friend painted the cover of the big teepee, and I took pictures. Outdoors, so the people not wearing masks didn't bother me as much as if this had been an indoor event.

**June and July have seen several online art sales, both at Fine Art America and from one of my my stock portfolios. Yea!

** After 15 years, I am no longer part of the Humanities Montana Speakers Bureau. I will continue to be available to schools and other organizations with "Before the horse..." and other presentations. Just contact me!

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2, 3, 4 December: THIS IS HELENA art exhibit at The Heath, 650 Logan Street, Helena


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